Jack Kautz is a husband, father, businessman, philanthropist, fitness enthusiast, and adventurer. Jack was born and raised in Stockton, California, and currently resides in Lodi, California with his wife and children.

As a young man, he began working in the family business – Ironstone Winery. From hoeing in the wine fields to raking the lawn Jack did it all. At age 22 Jack also got involved in real estate and purchased his first apartment complex. That first real estate investment has grown throughout the years into a large portfolio of apartments, homes, and commercial buildings.

Today Jack oversees the farming operations at Ironstone Winery and continues to expand his real estate investments. 

Jack and the Kautz family have always felt it was a privilege to take their success and give back to their community. Through the years they have made sizeable donations to the town of Murphy’s and San Joquin County to help establish Veterans Memorials in honor of the brave men and women who have served America. They have supported the dreams of the next generation of farmers through 4H and FFA. And today they continue to support projects that help people and build up the local communities they work and live in.

In addition to his family, business ventures, and philanthropy, Jack is an avid fitness enthusiast. From owning a CrossFit gym, swimming the English channel, running with bulls in Pamplona to swimming from the Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz, and finishing multiple Iron Man races Jack enjoys a good physical challenge. 

Jack is now taking his years of experience and sharing that with others through his site Jack-Kautz.com. He understands that nothing in this world happens without learning a lot of life lessons. And through his site, he hopes to share those lessons so others can experience a life they enjoy.